Key Trends From DiffMed


Last December, TheFamily transformed itself during two days to welcome speakers and entrepreneurs from more than a dozen countries to exchange about healthcare disruption. It was the opportunity to bring around us some of the best minds that are transforming healthcare today. They delivered insightful keynotes and debates, here are some of the key trends from the conference :

The Patient Is Taking The Power

Patient engagement isn't a buzzword, it's changing everything. As technology is becoming more precise, powerful and simple, patients can become experts of their own conditions. They are building networks of expertise for advices, second opinions and referrals. They can follow key metrics about their health through sensors and rely on data science to process and analyze those metrics. For chronic diseases, it will change deeply the way healthcare is delivered as affordable programs with real life data, telemedicine coaching and social interactions will bring way more value to patients than one-on-one consultations. 

Roni Zeiger, Founder & CEO Smart Patients

Precision Medicine Is On The Rise

Precision medicine will disrupt diagnostics giving to non-specialist the ability to deliver complexe diagnostics. Thanks to innovations in big data, life sciences and genomics, new devices will enable affordable complexe diagnostics. Companies like QuantuMDx create  seamless tests of numerous diseases thanks to a device that can be used everywhere in the world at a low price. . 

Rémi Dangla, Founder Stilla Technologies

Digital Medicine Already Here

Preventive medicine solutions through digital tools could change the way healthcare is delivered. New effective prevention programs like Omada Health have already amazing results. They are intense, multimodal, lifestyle changing and delivered outside of primary care. In Europe, Big Health is also leading the way. 

Sean Duffy, Founder & CEO Omada Health

The Brain Is The New Frontier

After decades of research in neurosciences, huge technological breakthroughs have brought new perspective on the treatments of diseases like alzheimer or insomnia. New ways to hack your brain will be available for consumers. How would you feel about having the brain of a 25 years old at 50? Do you want to learn more about the science behind mindfulness meditation

Daniel Chao, Founder & CEO Halo Neurscience


In 2015, we expect all those trends to take a greater place in healthcare. Entrepreneurs all over the world will continue to disrupt medicine and we will be happy to welcome them once again in November 2015!