What A Time To Be In Digital Health

The year 2015 has been once again an amazing one for digital health. Just in the past week, two great startups made headlines and showed that health care is producing some of the most promising tech companies worldwide.

Founded by Andy Puddicombe in London (now based in Los Angeles), meditation startup Headspace just raised $30 Million. With 3 million users in more than 150 countries, it's growing at an incredible pace. We’re huge fans at TheFamily, and consider it as one of the most well designed app experiences you'll ever get.   

Even more impressive, Omada Health, pioneer in the space of digital therapeutics, has raised a Series B round of $48 Million, demonstrating that preventive programs can have a huge impact for the health of millions of people threatened by chronic diseases.

These are only two example in the midst of what could be another record year for digital health funding. And as startups  like Headspace and Omada Health raise bigger rounds, their objectives will become even more challenging. We are proud to have welcomed the two of them last year at TheFamily's digital health conference DiffMed, alongside other bold and ambitious entrepreneurs. This year's edition at TheFamily’s headquarters in Paris should be even more exciting.

Join us December 3 & 4 in Paris !